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: Kellogg, Minnesota
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SVJ Creative Designs has put together a magical 'reindeer' display. This is a metal sleigh and Santa silhouette they made together with nine concrete deer - yes, the lead deer has a red nose! This is set up in their neighbor's field (Art & Bridget Hoffman), just one driveway up on the right from SVJ Creative Designs store and manufacturing shed. This will be lit up early in the morning for a few hours while it is dark and then also lit at night from about 5:30 t0 10:30pm. These times for having it light up may slightly change a bit. Feel free to drive into the parking lot of SVJ Creative Designs to view or drive up Hoffman's driveway and turn around. Please respect the property tho and do not get out and walk into the field. This is meant for viewing from a distance. Also, shop for a concrete statue at SVJ Creative Designs - give a gnome this Christmas, or an eagle, bear, you name it, David and Shelly Speedling of SVJ Creative Designs makes over 2,400 different types of concrete statues each year. David and Shelly of SVJ Creative Designs are celebrating their 30th year in business this past January. They create life size statues that are bought and displayed nationwide, in city parks, fire departments, schools, commercial businesses and residences. www.svjcreativedesigns.com
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